5 Recommended Yakuza 5 tourist spots in Japan

Yakuza 5 tourist spots
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Yakuza 5 is a video-based game originating from Japan. This Yakuza game series has been around since 2012. As a player of this game, you will definitely be captivated by the beautiful visuals and interesting locations. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to want to visit the locations in this game. This is very possible because some of the locations in the game Yakuza 5 actually exist in the real world. For those of you who are going on holiday, you can of course consider visiting the Yakuza 5 tourist spots.

You can explore and see the beautiful and interesting scenery in the Yakuza 5 video game with your own eyes. Surely this will be an interesting and unforgettable holiday experience for you and your family. For this reason, you definitely need information about the locations in the video game. This review will provide information on vacation spots in Japan in the video game Yakuza 5.

Enjoying Holidays at Yakuza 5 tourist spots in Japan

Everyone definitely looks forward to the holidays and wants to spend these days with joy and joy. So, it is not surprising that many have prepared holiday plans long ago. This is very important so that your holiday can be planned well and no time is wasted. Especially, if you plan to visit the Yakuza 5 tourist spots in Japan.

The following are locations in Japan that you often see in the Yakuza 5 game. Please choose and decide which location you want to enjoy and explore during your holiday.

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Nagasugai District

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In the Yakuza 5 game, you can explore a district called Nagasugai which is located in Fukuoka City. The actual name of this district is Nakasu District which is also located in Fukuoka City. Nakasu District is famous as the largest red light district in Fukuoka Prefecture. Nakasu is known as “The Island in the Middle” because it is surrounded by two large rivers, namely the Naka River and the Hakata River.

You can certainly imagine for yourself how beautiful a district in the middle of two rivers would be. You can enjoy beautiful views of the reflection of Japanese skyscrapers from the banks of the Naka River and Hakata River.  Nakasu district is very suitable as a Yakuza 5 tourist spot that you must visit. The reason is that there are lots of tourist destinations in the Nakasu District. The following are several recommended locations that you can visit when deciding to choose Nakasu as a tourist destination.

Culinary tour

Visiting a tourist location would certainly be incomplete if you didn’t try the typical culinary delights from that location. In Nakasu itself there are lots of restaurants that serve various typical Japanese dishes. You will definitely be very satisfied because you can taste various culinary delights without having to travel too far. There is Hakata Ajidokoro Iroha which is very famous for its mizutaki dishes.

Want to eat and try Japanese sashimi? Then you should take the time to visit a restaurant called Mizune. Mizune Restaurant is located in Hakata, Fukuoka.

Shopping center

Visiting Yakuza 5 tourist spots, of course you shouldn’t forget to buy souvenirs. There are many shopping centers located in Nakasu. One of them is Aeon Mall Sanko. A shopping place that is no less famous among tourists is Gate’s. At least you can visit these two places if you want to buy souvenirs.

Tsukimino District

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The holiday location that refers to the next Yakuza 5 game is called Tsukimino District. In the real world, the name of this location is actually Susukino District on Hokkaido Island. Susukino has various interesting vacation spot options. You will definitely feel at home spending your time and money in this district.

Shopping center

For shopping, you can visit Tanukikoji which provides various needs ranging from culinary tourism to low-priced goods. You can use this place as a location to buy souvenirs for your family at home because it is quite complete. Don’t forget to take a photo with the iconic Tanuki statue in the Tanukikoji area.

Watching Festivals

An interesting activity that you can do when visiting one of the Yakuza 5 tourist spots is enjoying the Sapporo snow festival. Just the name Snow Festival means you definitely have to visit in winter to be able to enjoy this festival. At this festival there is also an ice sculpture making contest which will certainly be very exciting and fun. You can immortalize the work of the artists involved in this ice sculpture making contest.

Sotenbori District

Yakuza 5 tourist spots
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A district famous for the Bishamon Bridge, its original location is Dotonbori, Osaka. In this area you can enjoy various shopping center locations, entertainment spots, and also gastronomic centers. The following are several things you can do when visiting Dotonbori.

Take a selfie

In Dotonbori, you will find lots of interesting and extraordinary spots for taking selfies. For example, the giant billboards in Dotonbori. You can also take a photo with the Kuidaore Statue mascot in the Nakaza Kuidaore building. In this place you can also enjoy delicious dishes and also a bar.

For those of you who like watching historical Japanese films and want to get the same feel, you can visit Hozenji Yokocho. The Yakuza 5 tourist spots area will present the atmosphere and views of Osaka City in ancient times.

Culinary tour

A culinary tourism option that you shouldn’t miss when you are in Dotonburi is Kani Doraku. This restaurant, which is located on the Ebisu Bridge, has a billboard in the shape of a kani or giant crab. You will have no difficulty finding a restaurant that provides this processed crab.

In the Dotonburi area you can also try various other foods such as takoyaki, kunikatsu, udon, okonomiyaki, and so on. Interestingly, you can also try to learn to make takoyaki at the Konamon Museum.

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Kineicho District

Source: japan.travel

Kineicho is a district based on Nishiki District in Kyoto, Japan. If you want to enjoy a real picture of the Kineicho District in Yakuza 5, then you have to visit Nishiki District. This district provides a variety of interesting culinary delights that you must try when visiting Japan.

The following are some snacks that are the choice of tourists visiting Nishiki District.

You can start your culinary journey by visiting Konnamonja. This shop provides delicious and soft fried soy milk donuts. Konnamonja provides 3 flavors that you can choose from, kurazoto kinako, chocolate and caramel flavors.

If you want to buy snacks that have a savory and salty taste, you can go to Miki Keiran. This shop is very famous for Dashimaki Tamago, which is a processed egg dish. Here you can also buy other processed egg foods such as tamagoyaki.

Kamurocho District

Yakuza 5 tourist spots
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The next tourist destination in the Yakuza 5 game is Kamurocho District. The creation of this district is based on a district called Kabukicho which is located in Shinjuku. This district is very famous for its entertainment world and also as the red light district in Tokyo.

Kabukicho has many tourist locations that you can visit. The following are several tourist locations in Kabukicho that you can consider.

Kabukicho Tower

Kabukicho Tower is a relatively new Yakuza 5 tourist spot in the Kabukicho District. This tourist destination was only inaugurated in 2023. This place provides various games, a live music venue, an escape room, and also a bar.

Don Quijote or Donki

This place is a cheap shopping center that provides various daily equipment and other sundries. Donki is a very suitable place for souvenir hunting.

That’s the information about Yakuza 5 tourist spots that could be an option. Of all the recommended holiday locations above, which tourist destination do you most want to visit? Don’t forget to bring along any Yakuza 5 game knick-knacks that you have. Make sweet and unforgettable memories of your visit to Sakura Country.



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