Travel to Katakolon and Try the Katakolon Tourist Train

It seems like everyone in this world is definitely looking forward to a long holiday to enjoy alone time and refresh. All the needs and preparations for the holiday have been prepared well in advance so that the holiday period can be truly satisfying. There are lots of interesting holiday locations in this vast world and one of them is in Greece, the city of Katakolon. This city, which is very famous for its water attractions, can definitely give you a fresh atmosphere. One tourist attraction that should not be missed in Katakolon is the Katakolon tourist train.

When you go on holiday to a place, you definitely want to explore that place as far and as deeply as possible. That way, then you can feel satisfied and happy when spending your vacation time in that place. That’s why you need to prepare a list of things you want to do when visiting that place. Not only that, you also have to know the big picture of the place you want to visit. This is very important so that you have a handle or some kind of guide to being there. So, in this review you will get information regarding tourist destinations in Greece, Katakolon City.

A Glance at Katakolon, Greece

katakolon tourist train

When you hear the name, you definitely don’t know or have heard of the name of this city. This is very natural because Katakolon is not a major tourist location in Greece. You may be more familiar with the names Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. These cities often become tourist destinations for tourists both from outside and within Greece. However, Katakolon City has its own charm which is certainly no less than other cities in Greece.

Katakolon City is a city located by the sea and belongs to the Municipality of Pyrgos which is located in the western part of Elis. From the waterfront of this city you can look directly at the beautiful and charming expanse of the Ionian Sea. Because it is located on the seashore, of course tourism in Katakolon City is closely related to water. Those of you who really like water tourism certainly shouldn’t miss a visit to Katakolon when on holiday in Greece. From the center of Pyrgos Municipality you have to cover a distance of 11 km to reach this seaside town.

There are many attractions in Katakolon City, one of which is the Katakolon tourist train. There are many locations that you can visit and enjoy in this city located in the western part of Elis, Greece. However, you need to pay attention to climate data from Katakolon City before deciding to plan your vacation. This city has a temperature range between 9 degrees Celsius to almost 30 degrees Celsius. Make sure you choose the right time to visit Katakolon City so you can maximize your time walking around comfortably.

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What’s in Katakolon?

Some of you may already know some of the interesting things you can find in Katakolon City. For your holiday needs, of course you have to know everything there is in Katakolon before deciding which locations you want to visit. This way you can feel satisfied and enjoy your trip to Katakolon City. Don’t have any regrets when visiting one of the beautiful cities in Greece. So, here are some things you can see and enjoy when on holiday to Katakolon. Listen carefully so you can plan a perfect and enjoyable holiday to Greece.

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Paralia Katakolon Beach

For those of you who really like playing on the beach, you definitely don’t want to miss beach tourism when in Katakolon. One of the Katakolon beach options that you can visit is Paralia Katakolon Beach. This is a beach located on the Ionian Sea and adjacent to Althea Apartments.

The sand on Paralia Katakolon beach is classified as safe so you don’t need special footwear when visiting this beach. The beach conditions are very comfortable so it is suitable for all groups, even the elderly. In this beach area, several services are available such as chairs complete with umbrellas and also a beach restaurant. With these facilities, of course you will feel more at home when you are at Paralia Katakolon Beach.

Plakes Beach or Reneta Beach

This is the beach closest to Katakolon Harbor and you can reach it just by walking. The distance is only 200 meters so you don’t need to bother renting a vehicle and spending more money to visit Reneta Beach. At Plakes Beach there are facilities for changing clothes and bathing. Apart from the view of the open sea, you can enjoy the view of the ships docked at the beach pier. On the coastline there are chairs and umbrellas made from palm oil leaves. You can use it to relax while enjoying the breeze and calming beach atmosphere.

A Walk in Katakolon

Actually, you don’t need to visit a particular place in Katakolon City to relax or have fun. Taking a leisurely walk around the villages in Katakolon is also enjoyable. There are lots of interesting places and it is also very possible for you to use them as photo locations. The buildings in Katakolon have a unique architectural style so they can give off their own vibe. This will certainly be very suitable for those of you who like posting photos on social media.

Shop for Souvenirs at Katakolon

Enjoying Katakolon City and the Katakolon tourist train will certainly be incomplete if you don’t bring souvenirs from this beautiful city. As a place where ships stop, of course Katakolon has many things you are looking for. You can buy everything you want at Katakolon. Apart from that, there are also many local products sold in various corners of this city. Don’t miss buying local products as souvenirs and tokens of your visit to Katakolon City.

Ride around on a Beer Bike

Are you too tired to walk around but want to wander around Katakolon? No need to worry because there is a tourist facility called Beer Bike. Not just walking around, with this Beer Bike you can go around while enjoying beer, you know! You can see the beautiful scenery at Katakolon together with other tourists. One Beer Bike unit can accommodate up to 15 people at once so you don’t need to worry when on holiday with many people at once. For only 5 euros you can enjoy the atmosphere of Katakolon while pedaling a bicycle together. You can get up to 2 bottles of beer and children can enjoy soft drinks.

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Let’s try the Katakolon Tourist Train

katakolon tourist train

When you visit Katakolon, you should at least stop by to try the Katakolon tourist train. This is a train that can take you around Katakolon with a wider range. For those of you who are interested in trying this tourist train, you can understand several things below.

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Location and Flow of the Katakolon Tourist Train

To board this tourist train you of course have to go to the train station first. Katakolon train station is at the end of the shopping parade in Katakolon. From the port gate, this station is approximately 200 yards away, which you can walk in 5 to 10 minutes. There are three routes served by the Katakolon train and each route is 2 hours long. In other words, you have to wait 2 hours if you already miss one train route. The standard route of the Katakolon Train is Katakolon to Phyrgos and then to Olympia. The following is a complete route that you can choose.

  • From Pyrgos to Olympia departing at 06:45
  • From Olympia to Katakolon which leaves at 7:20
  • From Katakolon to Olympia which departs at 09:00
  • From Olympia to Pyrgos which departs at 09:57
  • From Pyrgos to Olympia departing at 12:35
  • From Olympia to Pyrgos which departs at 13.08

Buy Katakolon Tourist Train Tickets

You can buy Katakolon tourist train tickets directly at the station because every day there are kiosks and officers who sell them. They will also help provide you with information regarding the Katakolon Train. The ticket price for a round trip using the Katakolon Train is only 10 euros. Of course, this is an attractive offer because you don’t need to bother buying another ticket to return to your original place.

So, for cruise ship passengers, there is an interesting promotion offered by the Katakolon Train to you. For two passengers you can get two tickets from Katakolon to Ancient Olympia for only 15 euros. Meanwhile, for 4 and 5 passengers the price is 20 euros.

Actually, there are two train criteria that you can choose for transportation at Katakolon station. The first is cheap transportation and the other is modern, fast and safe transportation. You can freely choose which one suits your traveling budget.

This is the end of the discussion about the Katakolon tourist train in Greece. The information above will certainly make you more curious and want to immediately see and enjoy Katakolon City for yourself, right? So, please prepare and plan well your holiday plans to Katakolon City. Invite your closest people to enjoy an interesting and enjoyable holiday trip with you to Katakolon.



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