Best Nursing Colleges in Florida 2022

Best Nursing Colleges in Florida

Nursing students need a certain level of skill, professionalism, and patience before they can enter the field of work successfully. Accordingly, they have to spend time in preparation before they enroll in the nursing colleges in Florida.

What to Prepare for Nursing Colleges in Florida

If you want to enter accredited nursing schools in Florida, you need to prepare some things. Therefore, we share some important tips that can help prospective nursing students to prepare for their nursing colleges.

1.      Gauge your interest level

Before you enter a program, you have to gauge your interest level first. It means, you need to find what really interests you. Some students who like helping others automatically to being a nurse. However, it is not easy.

Truthfully, nurses belong to a rare breed. In fact, this field requires you to be selfless & dedicated. In addition, you must be well-trained & informed, too. Anyway, it shows the importance of interest & passion in this field.

2.      Get familiar with the material

Students should be familiar with the field & material, even before narrowing down a nursing program. It will enable you to be prepared properly for your upcoming education.

You can browse medical journals, inquire current nurses about the field, and research a college’s program. This will offer you a better understanding of what to expect, during your educational and working career.

3.      Consider the branch that interests you

Before you enter nursing colleges in Florida, you have to determine the branch of nursing that suits you. The type of nursing you want to pursue may dictate which program you decide to enter.

For example, if you want to be a registered nurse (RN), it will be in your best interest to pursue a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. But, if you have dreams to be a nurse practitioner, you will also need a master’s degree.

4.      Pick a program

What college has the best nursing program in Florida? Anyway, you have to research & find the programs which meet your needs. There are many things to keep track of.

When it comes to colleges, students need to consider a few things. They include accreditation, flexibility, reputation, specialization, and variety of programs. So, you have to look for what is important before you commit to a college or a program.

5.      Get started

Students who consider a nursing career only have one thing left to do. Here, you have to get started by applying it. What are you waiting for? A nursing college is ready to prepare for your career in nursing and it delivers quality education.

Top Nursing Colleges in Florida

Florida has excellent nursing colleges to choose. For nurses who start tin the field or seek to advance their careers, Florida is a perfect state to live in.

There are many common types of degree in nursing. One of them is Associate Degree in Nursing (AND). Besides that, there is Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The next nursing degree type is Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN).

For higher degree, you will find Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). Another most common degree type in nursing is Doctor of Nursing Practice (DPN).

Choosing a nursing college and nursing program can be confusing and even stressful. That’s why we provide a list of most recommended nursing colleges in Florida.

1.      Florida Gulf Coast University

This college is at the top of the list because of some reasons. With the tuition rate of $ 6,118 per year, it offers a great opportunity to nursing students to learn & grow into the nurse role.

Here, the undergraduate nurses spend their time in clinicals to gain experience with patients. Then, graduate students will have an opportunity to work in main care settings & participate in internships.

In addition, the college offers a high-fidelity & assessment lab for the students. For your information, Florida Gulf Coast University has some programs to nursing students including BSN, MSN, BSN to DNP, and MSN to DNP.

2.      University of South Florida

Located in Tampa, Florida, this university is one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation for those who are interested in nursing programs.

The nursing program has more than 1,400 students & 250 faculty members. It provides an intimate learning environment to students. So, they will be able to develop the needed skills to be a nurse.

There are a few programs available in this college for nursing students. They include BSN, MSN, DNP, and PhD. If you are interested in this college, you should know that its tuition rate is $ 6,410 per year.

3.      Florida International University

Belongs to top nursing colleges in Florida, it offers tuition rate per year of $ 6,168. You can find this college in Miami, Florida. The Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing and Health Sciences is their program.

Besides that, this college provides evidence-based practice & research. Accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, it provides technology & stimulation education.

Then the college has some nursing programs. Students can earn BSN, MSN, Post-MSN to DNP, or Post-BSN to DNP.

4.      University of Tampa

University of Tampa comes with $ 29,126 tuition rate. Located in central Florida, this college have received a 100 percent pass rate on the NCLEX-RN on the first try in 7 of the past 8 years.

It belongs to the few colleges in Florida to achieve this. For your information, the program allows nursing students to experience in places such as the Dominican Republic & Ghana.

So, if you want are interested in the University of Tampa, you need to know the nursing programs it offers. Here, you can consider BSN, MSN, and NDP.

How to Select the Appropriate Nursing Program and Nursing Colleges in Florida

Now, we know that there are so many nursing colleges. To find the right one, you will need to consider a few factors.

Besides the location, you should also consider the tuition, programs offered, graduation rate, etc. So, you can find a nursing college or program that suits you. If you need recommendations, you may consider one of the nursing colleges in Florida above.

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