5 Best Cheap Online Colleges in Texas

Best Cheap Online Colleges in Texas

If you want to study in the colleges in Texas, you don’t have to live in Texas. From your comfort zone, you can still earn a quality degree. If you are interested, you can consider cheap online colleges in Texas. For your information, Texas has thousands of colleges. Then, most of them offer online degrees & certificate programs at cheap tuition rate.

Benefits of Enrolling Cheap Online Colleges in Texas

Before listing affordable online colleges in Texas, we will list some benefits if you enroll at affordable colleges. Of course, you will find some benefits from enrolling online colleges. So, make sure that you pay attention to this first.

1.      Affordable Tuition

First, these colleges or schools have cheap tuition rates. So, students will be able to earn an accredited certificate or degree without incurring debts. If you also want it, you can consider an online college.

2.      Flexibility

Some inexpensive online colleges in Texas offer flexible programs. Those flexible programs allow students to study while still having time for their normal daily activities. It means, you don’t need to quit your job if you want a degree.

3.      Accelerated Programs

Most online colleges in Texas provide programs you can complete fast. Even more, you can complete those programs within a few months only. Of course, you should choose your preferred programs.

4.      Accredited Programs

Usually, cheap online colleges in Texas have institution and program accreditation. Even though some online colleges may not have accredited programs, we will only list online colleges in Texas with accredited programs.

5.      Convenient Payment Options

The following colleges provide convenient payment options for students. Even more, some of them offer a pay-as-you-go payment option. For your information, this payment allows students to pay for courses they take only.

6.      Financial Aid

One more thing, you can find free online colleges in Texas. If you cannot, there are still a lot of online colleges providing financial aids. So, you have to choose your preferred online college carefully.

List of Cheap Online Colleges in Texas

We know that different factors may contribute to a prospective student’s college decision. However, cost is usually the most significant. In fact, lower tuition rates can make colleges accessible. So, we will share online colleges in Texas with low costs. If you want to earn online degrees, you can consider studying at one of the following online colleges.

1.      Midwestern State University

Studying online at this college is very affordable. It offers annual tuition of 6,187 dollars and out-of-state tuition of 8,137 dollars. Besides that, the financial aid recipients are up to 93%. There are a few reasons why you should choose this college.

Besides offering cheap tuition rates for both in-state and out-of-state students, it may also be an accessible college for students. In fact, the acceptance rate is up to 81%. In addition, most alumni work one year after college. And, this college is among the highest at 97 percent.

2.      University of Houston-Victoria

University of Houston-Victoria also belongs to cheap online colleges in Texas you can consider. Its annual tuition is at 6,255 dollars whereas out-of-state tuition is at 18,522 dollars. This is amazing that its financial aid recipients reach 94%.

Of course, there are some pros of this college. First, it offers one of the cheapest in-state tuition rates to its online students. Besides that, its salary score is 56. It means that the alumni of a given program tend to earn more than the graduates from the same programs across schools or colleges.

In addition, its students tend to graduate with less debt than other US colleges. For your information, the median debt is at 20,167 dollars per student. Considering the pros above, this online college can be a good option to choose.

3.      Texas A&M University-Commerce

This cheap online college comes with annual tuition of $ 6,291 and out-of-state tuition of $ 18,561. Besides that, it has financial aid recipients at 91% and salary score of 55. It means that the graduates tend to earn more than graduates of the same programs at other colleges.

Offering one of the lowest tuition rates, students tend to graduate with less debt where the median debt is $ 21,259 per student. Even though its in-state online students pay affordably, its out-of-state students need to pay nearly 3x what in-state students pay. So, we can say that this online school is mostly accessible for in-state students only.

4.      Amberton University

Accredited by SACSCOC, it becomes one of the cheap online colleges in Texas you can consider. It has low tuition of 285 dollars per credit hour. This college is a private, not-for-profit Christian institution you can find in Garland, Texas. Then, it offers different online programs at both undergraduate & graduate levels for working adults.

5.      Lamar University

This SACSCOC-accredited university also offers low tuition at 296 dollars per credit hour. For your information, it is a public college in Beaumont, Texas. It doesn’t only offer quality but also affordable online degree programs. In addition, it offers various degrees across many study areas including Health Sciences, Nursing, Business, Education, Criminal Justice, and Political Science.

In-state Vs Out-of-State Tuition Rates for Online Students

Many students who pursue online bachelor’s degree pay the lower in-state tuition rate at public colleges. Even more, colleges that don’t grant the in-state rate to nonresidents often offer more affordable online tuition than what campus students need to pay.

Colleges often charge lower rates for online education. Usually, online students pay less because colleges don’t need to do major infrastructure upgrades. In fact, such upgrades are the main reason why colleges raise prices significantly in recent years/decades.

So, if you want to earn a degree but you don’t have high budget, you can consider online colleges. Maybe, you are looking for cheap online colleges in Texas. You can compare the recommendations above and just select your preferred one. Hopefully, this can help you to earn online degree based on your desired major.

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