Vermont Brewery Tour – A Friendly Journey Into Craft Beers

Are you a beer aficionado, always on the lookout for unique and flavorful brews to add to your collection? If so, then look no further than Vermont, a state known for its vibrant craft beer scene. With over 50 breweries and counting, a Vermont brewery tour is a must for anyone who loves a good pint.

In this article, we’ll take you on a friendly journey through the heart of Vermont’s craft beer culture. From the classic farmhouse breweries to the up-and-coming microbreweries, we’ll introduce you to the best of the best when it comes to Vermont beer.

What is a Brewery Tour?

First things first, let’s define what exactly a brewery tour is. Typically, a brewery tour is a guided tour of a brewery where guests can learn about the company’s history, the brewing process, and even sample some of the beer being produced. Some breweries even offer behind-the-scenes access to the production facilities, giving visitors a first-hand look at how their favorite brews are made.

Why Take a Vermont Brewery Tour?

Vermont is known for its stunning natural beauty, with rolling hills, dense forests, and picturesque towns. But there’s more to Vermont than just its scenery – it’s also home to some of the best craft beer in the country. Vermont has become a mecca for beer lovers, thanks to its commitment to using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, and its emphasis on quality and flavor.

A Vermont brewery tour is a chance to experience this commitment to craft beer firsthand, and to sample some of the most unique and delicious brews you’ll ever taste. Whether you’re a seasoned beer drinker or just dipping your toes in the water, a Vermont brewery tour is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Vermont Brewery Tour Highlights

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights of a Vermont brewery tour.

1. The Alchemist – Waterbury, VT

The Alchemist is one of Vermont’s most famous breweries, known for its popular beer Heady Topper. This unfiltered double IPA is a cult favorite among beer enthusiasts, and the brewery’s tasting room is a must-visit spot on any Vermont brewery tour.

2. Hill Farmstead Brewery – Greensboro Bend, VT

Named after its founder, Shaun Hill, Hill Farmstead Brewery is located on 53 acres of farmland in Greensboro Bend, Vermont. The brewery is known for its commitment to using locally-sourced ingredients, and its beers are made with water from the brewery’s onsite well.

3. Magic Hat Brewing Company – South Burlington, VT

Founded in 1994, Magic Hat Brewing Company is one of Vermont’s oldest and most well-known breweries. The brewery is known for its quirky and colorful branding, as well as its award-winning beers like #9 and Circus Boy.

4. Burlington Beer Company – Williston, VT

Burlington Beer Company is a relative newcomer to the Vermont beer scene, but it’s already making a big splash. The brewery’s focus on using local, organic ingredients has earned it a reputation as one of the most sustainable breweries in the state.

5. Frost Beer Works – Hinesburg, VT

Located on a former dairy farm, Frost Beer Works is a small but mighty brewery known for its unique and experimental brews. The brewery is committed to using locally-sourced ingredients, and its tasting room is a cozy spot to enjoy a pint or two.

Other notable Vermont breweries include Lawson’s Finest Liquids, Fiddlehead Brewing Company, and The Bobcat Cafe and Brewery.

Planning Your Vermont Brewery Tour

Now that you know about some of the highlights of a Vermont brewery tour, it’s time to start planning your own trip.

The best way to experience a Vermont brewery tour is to start in the Burlington area and work your way out from there. Burlington is home to several popular breweries, as well as some excellent craft beer bars and restaurants.

Some other tips for planning your Vermont brewery tour include:

– Make sure to bring a designated driver or take advantage of public transportation options
– Check the brewery’s hours of operation before you go
– Consider booking a guided brewery tour to get the most out of your experience
– Don’t forget to bring cash for tastings and souvenirs

A Vermont brewery tour is a journey into the heart of craft beer culture, an experience that every beer lover should have at least once. From the classic breweries like The Alchemist and Magic Hat to the up-and-coming microbreweries like Burlington Beer Company and Frost Beer Works, there’s something for everyone on a Vermont brewery tour. So pack your bags, grab your designated driver, and get ready for a friendly journey into the world of Vermont craft beer. Cheers!

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